Friday, December 11, 2009


Kids are something else. Tell me, how are you supposed to discipline children when they are so stinking cute after they get in trouble for something? Below is a letter of apology I received from my 7 year old niece who was sent to her room for snatching a bottle of chocolate sauce right out of my hand to get a better look as her mother and I were discussing its contents.

After sitting in her room for about 2o minutes she emerged with this heartfelt and hilarious letter of apology written of her own volition! It was so hard to keep a straight face as she asked me to read it aloud and accept her apology. Lots of hugs and kisses later; we all had a good laugh.

And all this from the same child who recently wrote a note to her teacher on the back of her unfinished homework that her mother had no idea about..."I couldn't finish my homework because my mom took me shopping". !


  1. That is genuinely sweet, but sad for some reason.
    reminds me of how many times I have said sorry over and over and over for something, even as an adult.

    Why do we do that?

    Love the part about the homework not done because Mom took me shopping.


    barbara jean

  2. Aaaw Barbara! Don't be sad...I'm sending a big hug your way. My little niece has such a strong but adorable personality that she often finds herself in a bit of trouble these days but nothing too serious. My sister does have to keep her a bit reigned in though because otherwise she would have all the other kids in the room crying for one reason or another...LOL :)

  3. I don't know you, but I just bid on your adorable necklace at bloom.. so I thought I'd stop by your blog and take a peak, and that little note just had me in stitches, STITCHES I tell you. kids are so hilarious!!

  4. Thank you Soooo much Duck! The auction is going so great and I hope it really does well for the kids. I'm glad my sweet little niece's antics made your evening...she has me roaring with laughter daily! :)

  5. That letter of apology is so sweet! I have 5 grandkids and one in particular is always coming up with *doozies* like that too. He keeps us laughing and in awe of his intelligent grasp of things all the time. Documenting those sweet and memorable happenings is so important; future generations will enjoy them as well :-)

    Have a great weekend!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog! Come check it out :-)

  6. Theresa I bet your grandson is a hoot! Congrats on your 100th post as well. I never realized you had a blog or I would have joined long ago. Anyway, I stopped over for a visit and signed in to follow! :)

  7. Love the note about the shopping, made my day!

  8. Aw, what a sweet note! Bless her heart :)

  9. She has written me many notes and colored me many pictures over the years but this one is a definate keeper! I plan to create a scrapbook of all of her special pictures and letters she has given me as a child and give it to her when she is a grown woman. :)

  10. Sue here! Regarding the reindeer stamp you asked about on my blog, it was simply made by drawing the reindeer on 'funky foam' cutting it out and gluing it onto a block of MDF (or wood). Very very easy, give it a go!!!!!! x

  11. Thanks Sue, that sounds like a great way to make some really cool stamps! Can't wait to try out this one. :)

  12. This is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute,
    I can imagine how you felt when you got this letter,i have 6 kids to and 2 of them did this too in the past,letters like this.Now they are to old for doiing something like this but i kept very much from my kids,i have a box full of those letters and drawnings,
    warm hugs

  13. Natalie, you look so young to have had 6 kids! I bet it is fun to have a young and creative mom like you! My husband and I don't have any kids so we enjoy the antics of our niece and nephew...they always keep us laughing. :)

  14. That is way too funny! I absolutely love it!! I hope you keep that note & show it to her kids one day! Thanks, I needed that laugh!!


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