Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Is Not Your Grannie's Pressure Cooker!

Easy Does It

I have always liked to consider myself to be somewhat of a gourmet cook -*looks down at manicure smugly*- but the one thing I have always shied away from is pressure cooking. The thought of that stove top monster blowing sky high in my kitchen has always prevented me from giving it a try. The anticipation of making one wrong move and KABOOM is more than I can handle. Heck, I even cringe at the anticipation of the tin popping when you peel the roll off of the refrigerated biscuits!

Well just the other evening things changed for me. As I sat watching t.v. with wet nails and was just too lazy to change the channel an infomercial for the new Living Well With Montel Williams Pressure Cooker came on. I had flipped passed this one before while channel surfing but this time I watched and WOW! was I impressed. This little baby was not only safe but it cooked foods extremely fast.

So to make a long story short I'll be giving this baby a try soon! I did some research and found that it was being sold on QVC for a lot cheaper than the infomercial price so I'll be ordering from there on Black Friday for the best deal. Check out the infomercial below if you'd like to see why I was so impressed.

*Please pause the music below before watching.