Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Is Not Your Grannie's Pressure Cooker!

Easy Does It

I have always liked to consider myself to be somewhat of a gourmet cook -*looks down at manicure smugly*- but the one thing I have always shied away from is pressure cooking. The thought of that stove top monster blowing sky high in my kitchen has always prevented me from giving it a try. The anticipation of making one wrong move and KABOOM is more than I can handle. Heck, I even cringe at the anticipation of the tin popping when you peel the roll off of the refrigerated biscuits!

Well just the other evening things changed for me. As I sat watching t.v. with wet nails and was just too lazy to change the channel an infomercial for the new Living Well With Montel Williams Pressure Cooker came on. I had flipped passed this one before while channel surfing but this time I watched and WOW! was I impressed. This little baby was not only safe but it cooked foods extremely fast.

So to make a long story short I'll be giving this baby a try soon! I did some research and found that it was being sold on QVC for a lot cheaper than the infomercial price so I'll be ordering from there on Black Friday for the best deal. Check out the infomercial below if you'd like to see why I was so impressed.

*Please pause the music below before watching.


  1. I have my grandmother's pressure cooker, and I love it. I use it all the time. Great for cooking beans in a hurry, I also cook beef cubes in about 9 minutes, nice and tender. A great tool to have in the kitchen. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds delicious MsJay! Are the beef cubes you're talking about beef stew meat? I'd love to try that recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing it? :)

  3. I haven't been around in forever!! Hi Cindy!

  4. Hi Cindy! It's been a while, and I have missed your blog posts. I hope you'll be posting again soon, as yours is one of my very favorite blogs!
    So- how is your new pressure cooker? I see MsJay has her grandmother's. I have my grandmother's, too ;-) This is all making me want to dig it out from the back of the cabinet and make some carrots. Funny- I am not a huge carrot lover, but the way my Mom made them in that cooker was so delicious that they were a huge hit with me!
    Hope you'll be posting soon and tell us what you've been cooking up- and what you've been creating. Your works of art are all so gorgeous!
    Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2011!


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