Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wild Orchid Crafts.

Lately it seems that paper flowers-or mulberry flowers to be exact-are my thing. They are so delicate and beautiful and really soften the look of all my vintage art projects. Just one flower added to a project can add a very soft and feminine look to the whole piece. For a time I was using silk flowers but they just seemed to look hard and a bit out of place to me. Maybe its that they have that ugly nylon backing as leaves that just never lays right...who knows.

I was first introduced to Mulberry paper flowers by Prima Marketing. They carry some amazingly beautiful flowers made from a variety of materials but WOWZA are they expensive! I set out to find a similar type of flower somewhere else and it seemed that all the stores wanted to carry were the Prima

While watching videos on Youtube I found a gal who ordered some very pretty flowers from and I placed and order. The flowers were amazing and just as nice as Prima for a far more reasonable price.

Then last week I saw several other videos with flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts. I placed and order with them and WOW!! These flowers are superior to any others I have seen available! The detail is amazing and the colors are gorgeous. Take a peek at at the video below as I share my them with you.

*Pause music below before starting video.


  1. Well, I LOVED watching your "haul" video and I really agree with what you said at the end of it! Haul videos are great and the reason I am able to find a lot of the wonderful products I have. I am always really grateful for people like you that take the time to share with us.
    I am glad to see more from Wild Orchid. I ordered from them some time ago and still have lots left, but I am loving some of the flowers you got that I think may be new to their site. Maybe it's time for another order ;-)
    Thanks again for sharing all that you do!

  2. Thanks so much for your nice comments Sarah! I really enjoy reading the comments you leave me. They are always so uplifting... :)


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