Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bling It On!

Yesterday afternoon I made two very large mistakes. Number one: Thinking that I would have the willpower to just browse around the vintage jewelry and bead shop without needing to buy anything. Number two: Asking my husband to come along with me. Now, of the two mistakes the latter was the most dastardly! Not only did I NOT simply browse the shop, I had the store owner help me load bins and bins of broken jewelry onto the table for me. I then-like a scurvied pirate in search of treasures-proceeded to sort meticulously through each and every piece. On a sort of treasure hunt if you will!

At first my husband was very patient and thought the whole process was interesting but after the first hour it was all downhill. I dug with a fervor trying to stay two steps ahead of his annoyance while also trying not to crack up laughing. Anyhow, I did manage to find some very nice pieces to use in my mini albums and collages despite the conditions....lessons learned.


  1. LOL my sis, but your go some awesome pieces of jewelry , have fun creating

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I LOVE the jewels,awesome choice
    warm hugs

  3. Worth the hunt Cindy :) Can't wait to see it on your mini!

  4. I am not a sarcastic person....but that was a DUH moment, bringing hubby along.....where was the girlfriend!!!ha, ha!! No, I have done that, too...involved my husband in projects. The hands-on projects go the best, when he can use a power tool! :) Thanks for sharing your finds....blessings, deb

  5. beautiful finds Cindy, but never bring the hubby....LOL


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