Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Victorian Journal.

I've found myself in desperate need of some serious stress relief so I have been spending more time than usual in my craft room. You can tell by my projects how I am feeling. The more intricate and detailed the project, the more stressed out I really!

My craft room is a place for me to escape from everything and I'm sure I'm not the alone in this. As soon as I open the door to it and step one foot inside, everyone who is inevitably trailing behind me is banished to the other side of the door. My pug dog who snorts and chews her nails is given the 'ol' heave ho! My cat who insists on laying across all papers and projects in progress is ushered out to the hallway immediately and even my well intentioned hubby is relegated to very brief visits while I am inside.

As I create I listen to old radio programs on my computer. Currently I am listening to all the old Dragnet episodes. When my my mother calls she teases me and wants to know what kind of 36 year old listens to Dragnet! I reply with "Its my space and my rules!" With that said here is another project just completed during my last stint of "Me Time" in my craft room.

*Please pause music below before watching the video.


  1. We must be Craftin Cousins ;) I do the same thing,but I don't have a studio...LOL I take over our TV can imagine the grumbles I get.

  2. I have been getting nothing done these past few days because I am glued to my computer just looking at your blog and/or links you have put up here! I am loving it all! Yours is definitely my new favorite blog and I am having so much fun realizing there are other people out there who love vintage things as much as I do! I think I was born in the wrong decade (possibly century, lol!).
    Anyway, thank you so much for all the time you have spent to share your talent and knowledge. I LOVE this journal! It is fabulous! I was drooling as I watched this video. It is just so lovely and will make an amazing gift. The paper clips are fantastic. I can not wait to make some myself. But first I have to go see more of your posts! :-)


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