Friday, September 17, 2010

Great New Class!

This is an awesome opportunity to learn a new skill and to make something beautiful at the same time! Nataliebramasole is offering a class on Mixed Media Workshops that will teach you how to create her beautiful and one of a kind bookcards! I have seen her bookcards on Youtube and believe me when I say there is nothing else like them out there. She uses beautiful embellishments placed with intricate detail and the results are just stunning.

She mentions in the video that she is offering the class to show how to make them because shipping from Belgium to America is so expensive and has been a barrier for some who would like to have had one of her bookcards. You can sign up for the class directly from the "Mixed Media" link above if you are interested. Also, check out the video below for more information and visit her Youtube channel to see an awesome assortment of her bookcard creations.

*Please remember to pause music below before watching video.

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  1. Thank you so much ,dear friend,to do this for me,i hope i do not disappointed peep and also have some bookcard on sell on my etsy:

    warm hugs,dear belove friend and sis


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