Thursday, March 17, 2011

I've been a box making fool these last few weeks. Here are a few others that are currently in progress. The first one is for my mom who loved the prize one I did for the Superbowl. I plan to create a matching gratitude journal to keep inside the box. The second box will hold a set of matching greeting cards and envelopes and it will go to my lovely mother-in-law.

The first one showcases one of the Flowersoft display globes that are used to display just about anything you like on cards and other projects. The second one has a built in frame so a photo can be slipped in from the top.

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  1. The boxes are so pretty! Like 2 years ago I was in a box making frenzy and I now have several to display somewhere in my house! And now that we're moving I'll actually have somewhere to put them!


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