Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Old Grey Mare...And All That Sort Of Rot.

Boy oh boy have I been feeling my age this past week! "The 'ol' grey mare just ain't what she used to be. At 36 I wonder how in the world it is possible to be feeling so darn old these days. My back hurts, my energy is low and my stomach feels like a bubbling cauldron of acid every single night!

This should come as no surprise to me as I distinctly remember my mother always heading off to bed with a roll of tums in one hand and an aspirin in the other. Just the other day I mentioned to her how I have begun to have stomach acid problems and she said that her problems started in her 30's as well. Oh No, I said. You see I love my peppers and onions and the very thought of giving them up in my cooking sends shivers up my spine.

I love ethnic foods. Jamaican, Indian, Thai you name it and I will try it. So giving up my peppers, onions and spicy foods just "ain't" gonna happen anytime soon. Along with my misbehaving stomach is my disobedient back. Just the other day it decided to spasm and lock up so bad that I couldn't even get up off the couch! What's that all about? I feel like I need a walker or something.

My sister has always laughed at me and said that I am an old lady at heart. Mainly because I love all things old and vintage...heck, I even love elderly people. I am usually the person sitting in the corner with the elderly grandma or grandpa at gatherings asking question after question about their life and experiences.

This is why it came as no surprise to me the other day while complaining to my sister about all my aches and pains that she said something so hilariously funny and true. After listing all my recent ailments I explained that I wanted to purchase a Craftmatic adjustable bed because they are supposed to be good for back and indigestion problems. She looked at me and without batting and eye she said "If you get that bed....then the transformation will be complete." I guess I truly am old at heart!


  1. LOL Isn't it the pits when everything starts falling apart. There should be some kind of lemon law like with cars...we could trade our bodies in and get a newer model. hehe!

    But, you're still just a young thing...just'll get worse!
    Hugs, Debi

  2. I guess it's like they say...."Getting old aint for sissies!" :)

  3. OUCH.....the pain is bad enough, but having to give up favorite foods? NOOOOOO..... Hope you're feeling better soon.



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