Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free Images For Use In Your Art.

The above is a gorgeous vintage collage sheet courtesy of Flikr. They may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever such as for use on image Cd's or collage sheets for sale. I love the soft pinks throughout and the way the photos stand out so vividly even if the elderly woman at the bottom looks a little scary....

I thought this vintage woman was so beautiful. Look at her porcelain skin and soft features. I guess sepia tones can really bring out the beauty of a person. Please enjoy.


  1. Sooooooooooooo beautiful images,i love them,my dear friend!!!!!!!!
    I hope you are a bit better,i am thinking about you and you are in my prays and also....
    you got an award,just look at my blog and follow these instructions
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    Love ye,sis
    warm hugs

  2. I use vintage pictures and photography studio cards in my work....the old images are the best! Thanks for sharing....debbie


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