Monday, May 3, 2010

One Year Already?

So here I sit this fine morning sipping my ambition also known as a cup of coffee when I happen to look over at the calender and realize that today is May 3! What's so special about May 3? Well, today is the one year anniversary of The Vintage Vignette! I can't believe it has gone so fast. I decided to do some checking and found that my Google ranking is at a 3 as well and that's not too shabby! That means that Google has graced my little blog with a number that means that folks really do like my blog (Sally Field moment) and that they feel it is informative enough to qualify me for a page ranking and that's pretty darn cool.

I have had so much fun meeting all of you over this last year and have made some really great friends through the comments and exchange of ideas for projects. I've had a blast visiting your blogs and following what you all have been up to a well. The blogosphere is such a wonderfully happy place and somewhere that I retire to at the end of each busy day for a bit of relaxation and catching up with friends.

Someone asked me why I have never changed the blog template when there is so much new stuff out there to choose from and my answer is simple. It is just that I am a weenie when it comes to change of most kinds. To me, there is something comforting in having something that you enjoy that never changes and that is why I have kept the template as is for so long. In other words, I just like it that's all.

I know that most bloggers are very generous by holding giveaways and contests in celebration of their one year anniversary but to be honest folks I'm just plain broke right No contests here cause I'm flat busted! I managed to spend X amount of dollars this month on craft and art goodies and am now suffering the consequences...hehe!

So instead of a giveaway I will offer you two free vintage images for you to use in your art. A gorgeous Victorian gal and a piece of vintage sheet music for your enjoyment.

Thank you so very much to all of you for your visits, comments, and inspiration over this past year. I look forward to another great year with you all and sharing our love of all things vintage until we "can't stands it no more!" Much love to you all. :)


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary of blogging.
    Thank you for the free images!
    Happy creating,

  2. Cindy!! That's so exciting. Congrats and thank you for sharing the images! Kristin

  3. Hi Cindy, I visit blogs not for free give aways but because I enjoy what the blogger writes about. I also enjoy reading about other countries and cultures other than my own. Keep on blogging girl.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful images :)

  5. Hi Cindy... hope you are doing great!! Congrats... Its been almost a year for me... following your blog...truly vintage inspired!!!

  6. Cindy....I so appreciate all the photos you are so generous. Congrads on your one year anniversary! I know you are busy, but can you tell me how to copy your photos that you offer to my picture file so that I could copy them to a disk and take it somewhere to have photos made? And...I like your blog the way it is....I don't change things much either, even moving furniture around....just stays the same..... :) deb

  7. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog...I really appreciate the feedback. To save the pictures you can first click on them to get the larger version and then just "right click" them to save them to wherever you want. I usually save them to my "documents" file so that I can import them into other software programs such as photoshop or card programs. I hope this was helpful! :)


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