Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Won A Prize....YAY!

Hi Gals, I was so excited to learn that I won a prize from the National Scrapbooking Day Challenge over on Katherine's web community called Life On The Scrap Beach. The challenge was to suggest a themed technique for a page that was a little bit more involved than normally. Katherine herself would be challenged to complete the chosen challenge as part of a "Revenge" process for all of the difficult challenges she has issued the group this year.

The suggestion that I gave was for her to complete and album layout using only one color for the entire project! This monochromatic layout could consist of all the hues and shades of that one color only.

Anyhow, my challenge was chosen and I won a beautiful prize. Enjoy the video below where I show off all the wonderful pieces I received in this cool kit.

*Please Remember To Pause Music Below Before Enjoying The Video.

1 comment:

  1. If the prize is an avocado tree -- give it back. It's not worth the heartbreak.



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