Thursday, June 3, 2010

Easy Peasy Vintage Flower Technique.

Is it possible to ever have too many paper flowers for your art and crafting needs? I think not. This is why I was so excited to come across this really cool technique for making vintage inspired paper flowers than not only rival the expensive Prima Marketing brand but in my opinion they happen to look even better than them.

The video is by Julles and her Youtube Channel is Jannavilles. She has several techniques for making these and other gorgeous Prima lookalikes but these "Peony" style ones happen to be my favorite. After watching the videos please be sure to visit her Youtube channel on the link above so that you can enjoy her many other techniques.

*Please remember to pause the music at the end of the page before playing the video.


  1. You are sooo right-- Julle's Prima flowers are just gorgeous! And she is one talented lady. I will have to check her Youtube channel out. Thanks for featuring her on this post.

  2. thank you.... I loveeee this too... I agree they look Fantastic!

  3. Yours definately look better than Prima's. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Love your blog. I am now following you. :)


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