Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Whatta You Do?"

What do you do when you are the happy recipient of bags and bags of satin ribbon scraps? That was the very question I found myself asking when at work we were accumulating bags of pretty satin ribbon cuttings daily.

I happen to work for which my twin sister owns. Because we make and ship out gorgeous gift baskets all over the world on a daily basis, these ribbon scraps tend to pile up in all different colors and styles. This is because after assembling and wrapping a gift basket we trim it out in a personalized satin ribbon before shipping.

I find myself looking at these trimmings and wondering what in the world I could do with them since it would be such a shame to throw them all away. Then I came across this awesome Youtube video by Paperdrama showing how to make these very vintage inspired satin ribbon roses! After watching the video I was off and running with making these gorgeous embellishments. I love the way these turned out and I am going to use them in so many ways. Check out the video for yourself and give this fun technique a try.

*Please pause music at bottom before watching the video.


  1. Fabulous ribbon flowers. Very creative idea. :)

  2. Hi Cindy!
    Have thought about you so often and finally found your blog again. love the flowers! I still think of you every time I see the beautiful hatpins you made for me, sitting on my scrapbook shelf. ♥ Hope you're doing well! Stop by and say 'hi' sometime!

  3. Love your satin ribbons Cindy...great video tutorial!


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