Saturday, June 12, 2010

Zutter Distrezz It All Product Review.

So it looks like I have found a new toy that I have managed to fall in love with! It is the new ultra-cool distressing tool from Zutter called The Distrezz It All. This handy little distresser is from the same Zutter that makes the awesome Bind-It-All.

I have to admit I was a little wary of this product when I first began to see others using it in their Youtube videos because frankly it looked a little dangerous to me. The open design of the feed channel coupled with the high speed of the exposed blade concerned me a bit. I decided to hang back for a bit before buying to see if there would be any complaints about lopped off fingertips and what I finally conceded and ordered mine and it arrived only a few days later. Incidentally, I did find a safety disclaimer on the site since ordering mine. You can read it here.

The machine itself was a lot smaller than anticipated so that in and of itself made it seem a bit safer to maneuver. I found that although the blade is exposed it would be very difficult to lop off a finger unless you deliberately tried to stick your finger into the channel! After deciding that it was indeed a safe tool I tried it out on different thicknesses of paper and materials and WOW! I love this thing!

It made 3 or 4 simple sheets of card stock so distressed on the edges that it appeared to be many more pieces of paper. It worked on paper, card stock, cardboard and chipboard. It can be used handheld or tabletop whichever you prefer. My final conclusion is that I just love this new tool! For some reason it has not seemed to catch on at my local craft stores enough for them to begin carrying it so I had to shop around to several online stores to find the best price and it cost me around $38.00 which was not bad considering all that it does. So my recommendation would be to give this handy little dandy a try. Check out all of the technique videos on Youtube as well. You will find loads of ideas for using this tool there.

*Please remember to pause the music at the bottom of page before watching the video.


  1. I love hearing about new products...I have the zutter binder and love it! Will definitely try this out as well!

  2. Hi Cindy:
    I want to say your hair is beautiful...saw it on a couple of posts back. The tutorial you gave on making the flowers is good too. You made want to try them out : )
    You are an inspirational lady!!!
    Thank you for sharing with all of us,


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