Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sometimes in life the terrible misfortunes of others makes us screech to a halt in our own lives and slam on the brakes of the trivial stuff that we waste our precious time and energy on. This happened to me just yesterday when I learned of a terrible situation that one of our fellow Youtubers and Scrap sisters was experiencing.

Claudia or 66msclaudia as her Youtube channel name is called, had the tragic experience of suddenly and unexpectedly losing her husband in death last week. She is the stay at home mother of 6 children and her husband was the sole provider for the family. You can imagine how devastated she and her children are. I am amazed at her courage to persevere and try her best to take care of things despite her own pain. Claudia is in the process of selling off all of her art and scrapbooking supplies to raise money to take care of things.

She is selling a variety of scrapbook and mixed media art supplies in great condition that you may be able to make use of but more importantly you may be able to help her and her family in their time of need with your purchases. She has asked her Youtube family and fellow scrappers to get the word out and if you are unable to purchase please let your friends know or post on your blog if possible. This woman is amazing and strong and I only hope we can offer her comfort and assistance in her time of need.

Please visit her Youtube Channel at the link above to see her items for sale and listen as she explains the situation in her own words.

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