Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A New Addition.

Please meet the newest member of my family...her name is "Boy, Boy". A little weird I know since she is a girl but I'll explain that in a minute. If you remember my post back in August you will remember that I lost my precious Shayla Mae to a terrible accident that took her life. If you wish you can read the story here. I was devastated when it happened because she was my kitty of 13 years. It will be a year next month since she has been gone and I have been wanting another kitty but just could not bring myself to get another as it was too painful to think about.

Then a few weeks ago my mother called and said that a "stray" had shown up at their door. I could tell by the tone in her voice what was coming next. She was going to want me to take this cat. I wasn't willing to take on another pet until I was over the loss of my Shayla. Reluctantly I decided to take a look at this cat. It turned out that she was the sweetest little thing and her personality and temperament was identical to that of my precious Shayla Mae. I couldn't resist and I took her home a few weeks ago. She has made me so happy and I am reminded of my Shayla everyday because of her.

As I said in the beginning her name is "Boy, Boy". This is because for the short time she was with my parents they thought she was a boy and they had begun calling her that. She was already used to the name so I decided to keep it. If you are not a pet lover then this post may be hard to understand. I love my pets with all my heart and now I am finally able to move on from the loss of my Shayla and remember her always in my heart while giving my love to someone new.

I was recently criticized for loving my beloved pets like children and to that I say "how sad for you". "How sad that your heart is closed and or not able to know the love that God created in the heart of man for his animals." The scriptures are filled with accounts of faithful men of old who showed love and concern for their creatures. I am grateful that I am able to feel this love as not all people can. I am grateful that he created these sweet little beings simply for our enjoyment as an expression of his benevolent love for mankind and for that I am thankful.


  1. Your new kitty is beautiful! I am a huge animal lover! My kitties are definitely part of my family!!! : )

  2. Boy Boy is beautiful. It sounds like you both ended up lucky.

  3. Okay, you made me read that post about Shayla and I am not happy! I hate sad stories. I know you had to write about it. I understand. We are breatheren souls. We share our pain by revealing it. That said: CONGRATS ON THE NEW KITTY!!! I love kitties. I have four of them. Or, at least I did until we brought the new doggy home last Sunday. But, kitties are the greatest.

  4. I'm so happy God led another angel to you. I believe God sends us our companions to remind us of unconditional love, How much he loves us too. When Our Nora (Norwegian Elkhound) died 5 years ago...well...we had to get another, but not so soon. We looked ofr breeders in a 5 hour drive radius and found one in Grantsville, Md. We talked and decided to drive up to see her male and female, but before we hung she asked how I knew she had a litter. I didn't know....she said hummm well they're 3 wks old...I was quiet and asked when they were born....I almost lost it they were born on the night Nora see God know's when you're ready and he leads em to you. 5 weeks later we went back and picked up our Smokey's Nora's Shadow. By the way..LOL we now have 6 1 yr old kittens that Shadow rescued..they are now his kittencaboodle;) That is a whole other story...

  5. Thank you to all of you ladies and one gent (can't forget you Bill) for all the nice comments and experiences you shared about the loving pets in your lives. It's so nice to know their are folks out there who understand. :)

  6. Bless your heart for your love of animals. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Shayla and I pray that you find healing. Congrats on your new kitty. She is beautiful. I'm so very sorry that you were criticized for loving your animals as children. That was very ugly. I love my Chichichua "Kodi" as my own child. We have a very special place in our hearts for these babies and we are the ones who are blessed. Take care, Jenny

  7. I just read about your precious Shayla and my heart broke for you. Now reading about your sweet Boy Boy I am reminded of how much God loves us! No kitty could ever replace Shayla, but Boy Boy will certainly fill the void in a way nothing else can. I believe that animals are indeed gifts from God to us and Boy Boy has been sent to you and will comfort you!
    My dear brother whom I loved more than words can express died suddenly and unexpectedly this past Christmas Eve. He never had a wife or children, but he had 2 beautiful kitties whom he loved and doted upon- like children. They were with him when he passed and when animal control took them and said they were traumatized and would be very unsocial, as they were hissing and not even able to be picked up. Well, we had them flown all the way across the country so we could keep them, as they were all I really had left of my brother and this was the only thing we could do for him. They meant the world to him and it is what he would have wanted. Well, within 5 minutes of getting them they were all over us affectionately kissing my face! My daughter and her husband have them, as I am afraid my 2 big dogs would have been too much for them. But I love visiting them and feel a strong connection to my brother through them. These animals are such a blessing to us I can not even tell you! Not everyone can understand this, but it's so true. I believe that on some level they know "who" we are and we are a comfort to each other. I am sure people who are not animal lovers would think I am nuts for this, but that is their problem! These cats are amazing and such a joy to us, and I am so, so grateful that we were able to get them out here.
    Please do not feel criticized by anything negative anyone could say to you about loving your cats! You are right: how very sad for someone not to be able to love animals as you do! I am so glad you have Boy Boy now. Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture of him. (Sorry I got so long winded!)


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