Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't Throw Away That Box!!

That's right, I have developed quite the reputation for saying "Don't throw that away...I can make something out of it!" After sharing this delicious peppermint bark with my husband I knew I wanted to make something special out of this cute little box.

Sadly, my Grandfather passed away last year at the age of 84 and as the first year anniversary of his death is approaching I knew I wanted to do something special for his wife whom he married later in life but loved so dearly. This peppermint bark box was the perfect size for the gift I wanted to give her.

Using my favorite medium of beeswax, I covered the entire box and added an image into the still hot wax. After adding a few coats of wax I stamped into the edges all around with an acryllic stamp and then added and embellishment and rub-ons to personalize the box.

Next, I printed out a lovely poem of remembrance and adhered it to the inside of the box and placed a layer of vellum over top of it. To read the poem enlarge the photo.

Then I took some gold shimmer card stock, trimmed it to size and added it to the base. Next, I added a gold locket I found at which sells wonderful charm jewelry that you can personalize with a photo. They also have a great "photo shrinker" tool which allows you to shrink any photo to fit the size of jewelry piece that you have purchased.

I then added a sprig of paper flowers with a velvet ribbon tied at the base and sprinkled a few extra loose flowers into the box. I think she will really enjoy wearing this little keepsake of the man she shared her life with in her later years. I liked the fact that the necklace also has a privacy panel that fits loosely or securely (whichever is preferred) over the photo depending on h0w the recipient would like for it to be viewed.

I miss my Grandfather, I know we all do in my family but I hope this heartfelt little gift brings some comfort to the wonderful woman that he loved so dearly.


  1. What a lovely gift and a touching post. I lost my grandfather a year ago next month at the age of 83 and have been thinking about what I would like to do to remember him, this is a lovely idea :)

  2. This is beautiful and a wonderful gift.


    barbara jean

  3. How beautiful and thoughtful. Your step-grandmother is lucky to have you who cares for her so much. I'm of the belief that your grandfather is smiling down on you as well. Have a wonderful week, you deserve it!


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