Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sooo Cold!!

Can you say FA-REEEZING? The hubby and I decided to throw on our coats and head up the mountain to Big Bear Lake here in California. We live just at the foothills of the awesome San Bernardino National Forest so the drive was relatively short for us. The temps at our house were in the comfortable 70's but when we got up the mountain they were in the low 50's!

We were sooo cold. I managed to stuff all of my hair (and man do I have a ton of it!) up under my hat and that warmed me up a bit. My husband had only grabbed a light hoodie jacket on the way out the door since we had planned on bumming around all day long. Boy was he sorry once we got up the mountain.

We enjoyed a great lunch at Boo Bears Den where the food was delicious and extremely affordable. After lunch we drove all around town checking out the shops and antique stores. We pulled over at the lake and checked out the ducks as they fiendishly dabbled in the shallows for something to eat with butts bobbing on the surface.

It was nice to get away and just spend the day together with nowhere to HAVE to go and nothing to HAVE to do. Don't we all deserve to do that once in awhile?


  1. 50 isn't cold girl - 30 and 19 is cold which is what we are heading for next week. It looks like you had a great day trip

  2. 19!!! Oh my, how in the world do you ever get outside to do anything? I guess its like anything else that you just get used to huh? By the way Bree, I meant to ask you if Vintage Flair has been taken down permanently? I had not checked in for awhile before it was taken offline to know whether or not it was a permanent thing. Let me know and I hope you are feeling better these days. :)

  3. I agree, 50 isn't cold! Looks like a lovely crisp day in your pics though :)

  4. I guess I'm just used to the sizzling southern California temps here. It reaches 113 here in the summer so to me 50 is enough to freeze me to death...LOL :)

  5. oh wow, looks like a really enjoyable lovely nippy day. Totally would love that.

  6. OOOhhhhh, that sounds so cold! Its cooling off here in the bay area, as well, and even in the 60's, I'm cold! Love Big Bear...we camped there years ago right after buying a new travel trailer..we took it there for its "maiden voyage"...nothing worked! We couldn't get any heat for cooking or to keep us warm at was horrible! But we did love the days when were out enjoying that lake and beautiful scenery. Yep, everyone needs to visit there at last once...its gorgeous!

    God bless,


  7. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in California but I think we sometimes take it for granted that we live so close. It is only about half and hours drive up the mountain for us. I'm so ready for another trip up! :)


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