Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally Some Projects!

It sure seems like forever since I have been able to get down to the business of creating something. Life gets busy and things just tend to get pushed to the back burner at times. I've been busy working a few more hours a week than usual and have found myself too exhausted to get into the mood to create.

Finally this week I have found my mojo to create a few pieces just for me! I even created a few pieces to give as gifts as well. I have always wanted to try the simple technique used to create a domino pendant. I used an image from my Flikr pool that was applied with a touch of Mod Podge. Next I added a layer of Diamond Glaze and edged it out in copper foil. Finally I added a few flourishes using a Stazon permanent ink pad to prevent smudging. I topped it off with a few coordinating beads and a satin ribbon.

Here are a few hair accessories made to go in my hair. The hair sticks were made using an extra pair of chopsticks from my last Chinese take out order! These were fun to make and even more fun to wear tucked into a bun or french roll. The hair fork was created using the same scrap booking paper adhered to a raw brass base with a little Mod Podge and bling.

Finally here are some itsy bitsy pendants made using recycled vintage jewelry pieces. The bases were mini cabochons I found on Etsy.com but the center focal pieces were made from broken pieces of vintage jewelry from other pieces. I simply glued them into the centers using a little bit of Diamond Glaze. They are no bigger than a nickel but they are so dainty and feminine and now I am looking for the perfect chains to go with each one.

I have so many other projects to start as well as others waiting to be finished that I just need to buckle down and find the time, energy and mojo to finish!


  1. How beautiful, I am loving reading blogs and looking at ideas for Christmas gifts at the moment :) can i ask how you fixed the bead to the domino? I have some dominoes that are just asking to be altered but hadn't figured out what to do with them when they're finished!

  2. Hi Cindy! Guess what? I'm finally getting a new computer!! For month now, since July I believe my computer has had to be sent to HP to be fixed because it has serious issues and it's already gone in 3 times and it's still giving me trouble so they are replacing my computer with a brand new one! It's going to have the new Windows 7 instead of Windows VIsta and I am praying I have no problems with it! I haven't been able to get on the internet in forever! My computer just freezes up every time I try to go blog hopping or go on facebook. It's actually being good right now, but if I don't hurry it will freeze up on. I just wanted to stop by and say hi because it's been so long! I miss all my blog and scrapping friends! So very soon I will have a new and hopefully working 1000% great computer!!

  3. Hi Scrappy Tree! So sorry I didn't get back to you right away. You were wondering how to attach the bead to the top of the pendant and I simply used a tad bit of Diamond Glaze to the top and then centered the bead. You could also use a dab of E 6000 adhesive if you can stand the smell for a bit. :)

  4. Hi Rosie!!! So glad to have you back. I'll pop you over and email to catch up. :)


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