Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm In Love!!!

That's right! I am in love with my new bread machine! I have been looking for weeks to find the best bread machine on the market. After doing lots of research and reading tons of reviews for every machine imaginable, I decided to buy the Zojirushi BBCC-X20 Home Bakery System and hope for the best. Wow, did I make a great choice! This thing is wonderful! Better than any bread machine I have ever owned. Just 3 hours after opening the box my husband and I were enjoying fresh baked olive, onion and herb bread!

It was so incredibly easy to use. I love the fact that it has a digital display that is easily navigated. There are lots of options to choose from when deciding what kind of bread to make but to make sure you are not overwhelmed they include a DVD as well as a manual and an idea cookbook.

Most of the other bread machines I had considered before purchasing this one made these funny looking tall loaves instead of the traditional long loaves you would expect a loaf of bread to look like. This machine turned out a beautiful and normal looking long loaf that I considered superior to the less expensive bread machines. It does however take up a bit more counter space than I expected but I thought it was an easy trade off.

Another advantage it has over other machines is that it has dual kneading blades. Most of the other machines I considered only had a single blade and when reading their reviews everyone complained of the same problem of under kneaded and lop sided finished loaves!

So with the cold weather of winter approaching I highly recommend the Zojirushi bread machine if you would like to have fresh baked bread that does not take all day long to make and that will spare your wrists and your nerves! It is also good to know that it is also the machine preferred by professional bakers. It may cost a bit more than the standard store bought machine but with all that it does, how sturdy it is and the perfect bread it turns out; I think it well worth the price.


  1. I LOVE my bread machine! I think they're GENIUS!!

  2. this sounds great, hubby cooked Italian Crusty Bread on the weekend and couldn't believe how his hands hurt after all the needing - I shall have to tell him about this.

  3. I know Bree! I made a loaf by hand a few years back and could not believe how much wrist and back strength it really takes to knead the dough! I stuck to quick breads after that experience but always longed for the yeast made breads. I know your hubby will be happy if he gets one of these; they are so easy it is rediculous! :)

  4. Hi Cindy:
    What fun to have your bread machine!!!
    The loaf you and your hubby made looks delicious!!!
    I have never owned one and only know how to make bread the old fashion way : )
    Sounds like big fun!!!
    I bet it will be really cool baking bread for the holidays!!!


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