Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Challenge Time Again!

Welcome to another great challenge here on The Vintage Vignette! We had so much fun with the last design challenge that I couldn't wait to think up another. The prize for this contest is a sweet little grouping of goodies that will be awarded to two of the winning entries. We will have a winner and a runner up this time.

The prize to be awarded to two separate winning entries will include:
  1. A plushy kid, shelf sitter doll.
  2. A pleated spine mini scrapbook album kit.
  3. A packet of Plaid brand Paper Toppings.
  4. A packet of Miss Elisabeth's metal rimmed stickers.
  5. 3 sheets of chipboard sayings punch outs.

The rules for this challenge are a little different this time yet they are very simple. To participate in the challenge you will need to:

  1. Be signed in as a follower of The Vintage Vignette.
  2. Submit an essay around 400-600 words about What The Word Vintage Means To You. You will be allowed to go over 600 words but no more than 800 and no less than 400 words to keep things somewhat even.
  3. Submit your entry to me at in email format.
  4. Provide contact information and email address if possible so I can contact you should you win.

The challenge will begin Monday June 15, 2009 and will run through Tuesday June 30, 2009. All entries must be received by 12pm PST on June 30th to be counted as a valid entry.

Be creative when composing your essay! Tell me stories from the past, share your childhood memories of favorite toys and candy that are now considered vintage! Tell me about the things your family experienced during the war or the contraptions they used that are no longer made today. You can also tell me about your thrifting adventures and the interesting stories and things you've experienced while hunting for vintage treasures. There are many ways to approach this challenge but remember the whole idea here is to BE CREATIVE!

The compiled essays will be gathered the first week in July and each entry will be read and considered by a neutral third party for judging. The winner will be contacted and announced the following week and I will keep everyone posted along the way.

Remember that the word "Vintage" means different things to different people and I am looking very forward to hearing what it means to YOU!


  1. Hi Cindy! I posted my Rasberry Coffee cake recipe and a photo on my other blog:
    Just need to develop a scratch-n-sniff monitor

  2. I am absolutely going to do this as soon as my birthday is over! It is on July 4th and from now until then I will be very busy, but I really want to do this! I left a comment on Vintage Flaire for you, but I just love writing! It's been one of my favorite thngs to do besides arts & crafts and scrapping since I was a little kid!


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