Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Do You Get....

What do you get when you cross an extreme love for vintage jewelry and accessories with the discovery of an awesome new (new to me at least) supplier? You get any number of beautiful creations! Recently, while searching the Internet for new projects to create and share, I came across an awesome site called B'sue Boutiques. This incredible company specialized in:

*Vintage style brass stampings.
*French and 50's style novelty charms.
*Vintage glass & plastic beads.
*Bezels, blanks and cuffs.
*Art Papers, inks, resins and mica.
*And tools for creating a variety of projects and much more.
*In fact there was far too much great stuff to list!

What impressed me the most about the site was the beauty of the vintage style brass stampings. Many of them had gorgeous patinas that could easily have rivaled the originals! They also offered very informative tutorials for some of the projects that they recommend which I found to be very helpful. They also had a link to the B'sue Boutiques blog where you could get to know more about the company as well as browse a variety of ideas, inspirations and tutorials.

I ended up purchasing several items to create with including a hatpin kit and a set of blank hair forks that I could not wait to receive. When the box arrived it was carefully packed with everything I had ordered and more! B'sue Boutiques has a policy they call "Lagniappe" which is a generous policy of providing "a little something extra" with every order they send out. Times are tough for small businesses in this current economic climate and so I found this policy to be a very generous gesture indeed! I was thrilled when I received an extra goody bag with my order full of candy, charms, and paper ephemera! Now how's that for customer service! You can bet I will be a returning customer for sure with that kind of VIP treatment!

If you get the chance soon, please be sure to check out the site and bookmark them for your next art supply purchases. I am speaking from experience when I say that you will surely not be disappointed.

*These and many more supplies arrived with my neat hatpin making kit.
The kit was very affordable and had a host of
very unique items to create with.
*The kit included everything I needed -including the crimping tool- to make
these gorgeous hatpins!
The actual pin shafts came in a variety of lengths from
three to eight inches long.
The shorter ones can be worn as brooches or pins and the longer ones can
be threaded through buns or french twists in the hair. I plan to get
some of these up on my Etsy shop as well.


  1. How awesome! I am so glad you blogged about this because I need some hat pins! Yay! Those look great!

    All the best,

  2. Thanks Allison! You definately have to check out the Bsue's Boutique website if you are wanting to create your own. The prices are great and the products are too. I will be posting up some finished hatpins on my Etsy shop next week as well if you are looking to purchase some already made ones.


  3. THIS IS AWESOME,great job,like it a lot
    warm hugs

  4. BEAUTIFUL pins! I *think* I want to thank you for the links, but I am afraid my checking account will certainly be taking a big hit, lol! Your blog is so awesome and all the info you share is so wonderful and much appreciated!!
    BTW- I love your song playlist! Especially the Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh song! I hope you keep it on here ;-)


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