Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Such A Funky Mood...And Not In A Good Way :(

Yes, I am in a real funky mood today. My husband is sitting here asking me what is wrong and I have nothing in particular to tell him. I just get in these moods from time to time due to my bipolar type II disorder. Now this doesn't mean I will be holding up banks in a Jimmy Durante mask or threatening to jump from the rooftop of my local Wal-mart or anything like that. But what it does mean is that my energy, motivation and outlook will be affected for a few days at the most. My creative muse has also fallen victim to the bipolar thug that is mercilessly holding her hostage. Alas, this is life and I am sure it will pass as it always does. Thanks to the modern advances of medicine, girlfriends and retail therapy...this too shall pass. Until then enjoy this little freebie and go create something nice for yourself or someone you love.


  1. Hey girl.
    Sorry to hear you are feeling down.
    I am also bi-polar, so understand some of what you may be feeling.
    Things are magnified for us. We have the same events in our lives as others, but they always seem bigger. When we are happy, we are over the top happy, and when we are sad, we are very sad.

    I'm here. Listening.
    And you have my email if you need to get more off your chest.

    Remember, tomorrow will be a new day.
    So for today, take a deep breath, do something pleasant, if you can. Even the littlest thing.
    And keep reaching out!! There are others who feel the same way and they will feel better knowing they are not alone either.

    Blessings and hugs.

    Barbara Jean

  2. Thanks Barb for the encouragement. I am already feeling better this morning. Yesterday was particularly trying for me and as you know it can be overwhelming when you are bipolar. I have a great support system in my husband, a creative outlet that feeds my need and now a new friend who can truly understand what it feels like. Sounds like a lot to be happy about to me! Thanks for the uplift. Also, I'll be sending out my paypal for the bag this afternoon. That adorable little bag with surely give me a boost don't ya think? :)

  3. I understand how you feel...hope you're feeling better soon.
    Thanks for the sweet images.

  4. I am feeling much better now debi, thanks for the encouragement. It sure is hard being a woman with all of these hormonal issues...lol :)


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