Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paris Friends.

I have had this adorable photo of dancing Parisian girls for some time. I love the picture, the girls in it, the cute dancing pose and everything about it. There was one problem though. The photo was so incredibly light that there was not much I had been able to use it for. It came from my Flikr pool and I really wanted to use it as is instead of putting it into photo shop or a card program.

As I began to embellish the image I noticed that the more stuff I added, the more the image stood out. You would think just the opposite would happen right? Not in this case for some reason. With that in mind I added lace, lace and more lace! I added paper swirls, paper flowers and sequins. I added word stickers, organza and gross grain ribbons, buttons and photo corners. Then I whipped out the distress ink in antique and started tinting everything.

The final piece is very busy indeed but it accomplished what I wanted which was to have the adorable photo of the dancing gals show up as the focal point.


  1. It worked out very well and is a nice contrast among the other colors. Hmm I think I recognize those scrolls :)

  2. It looks amazing! I wonder how long it took you? You definitely have a talent.

  3. Blossoming Baker, This one took me a little while to finish. I would say about a day and a half of adding things and setting it aside to get a good perspective each time. :)

  4. Cindy:
    It is awesome!!! They look quite happy. You definitely have the touch!!!
    Thank you for commenting about my Grand daughter. Now, I will have time to do some crafting.
    Take care
    I love your Paris Friends

  5. Your Paris Friends looks so wonderful, I love it. You are so creative.
    If you feel like playing, I am hosting a Rococo Fan Swap on my blog and would love for you to join in the fun. SO come check it out...

  6. Sonia your fan swap looks so fun! I will definately have to join in!


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