Monday, July 20, 2009

Petite Pincushions.

Here I go again with the hatpins! I just can't seem to get enough of them. I've made new ones as well as repeat versions of some of my favorites. Either way I am running out of places to store them. I have been seeing these cute little teacup pincushions for a while on Etsy and thought I'd try my hand at making some.

I found this cute pink depression glass cup and saucer at a thrift store not long ago and because I wanted a pincushion with a wide surface, it made the perfect choice. I first took and old piece of cotton fabric and formed it into a ball and then stuffed it tightly with fiber fill. I tied off the end and wrapped the whole thing in another pretty fabric, added the lace applique and taped it into the teacup. Eventually I will go back and hot glue it into the cup but I got lazy.

The first one was so quick and easy to make that I found myself digging around in my china cabinet for some odds and ends or stray cups that had no mates. I found this sweet little espresso cup and saucer that I had forgotten I even had. It is really tiny and since I don't drink espresso I decided to use it for another hatpin holder. For this one I used the same process except I used and upholstery fabric that matched on the outside. It made the hatpins a bit challenging to get through the fabric without bending but with some careful pushing they went through fine.

Now I can't wait to make more from cups and saucers I find at thrift stores to give as gifts to friends and family. They certainly make for a very special and unique gift don't ya think?


  1. these look wonderful....they are so cute done in the tea cups.

  2. Love your pincushions! I've been collecting different things to make pincusions in but have never gotten around to it. You have inspired me...think I'll make one tonight. Warm wishes, Esther

  3. Cindy,
    These pin cushions area adorable.
    Can you believe i have a laundry basket full of containers and fabrics i have collected to make PC, and have only made 2!!!
    You have inspired me.

    Barbara Jean

    PS So kind of you to post about the purse and my new little gift shop.
    I am truly blessed by your sweetness.

  4. I would love to see your pincushion creations too ladies! Send me a pic?


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