Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where Has Everybody Gone?

Boo! Blogging is no fun for me these days. Where is everyone? Where has everybody gone? The blogosphere is so quiet I think I can even hear crickets. Maybe it is just that summertime is here and people are out and about doing fantabulously fun things with friends and family. I can't stand the heat so I wait until the evenings to venture out for a little fun.

This phenomenon is not just happening to my blog. I have noticed that most of the blogs that I follow have been unusually quiet as well. Posts' are staying up for more than a few days at a time..something I am guilty of a bit myself. Even my regular gals have gone MIA. Gaylemarie, Bree, Ally, and many others have all disappeared! Now don't take me too seriously because I am only joking about most of this anyway. Here's hoping everyone is having a great summer even if it makes the blogosphere a little less active. :)


  1. It is like this everywhere....I think people have given up creating for the summer and are just outside doing other things. It was pretty much like this last year too. I am not much of an outdoors person, so I tend to be around but at the same time I haven't been feeling creative of late.

  2. So it must be a summertime thing then. It makes me a bit jealous because I would love to be out doing things in the middle of the day too but I get so sick from the heat and here in southern California it is well over 100 degrees daily! I too have been bitten by the no creativity bug lately but I did manage to finish another interesting project for the guest spot on your site. I hope to have it up before the weekend is over. :)

  3. I hear ya Cindy, sometimes I think I singing with the crickets! Everyone is probably out playing in the summer sunshine! July and August are always the slowest times for me business and blog wise too.

  4. I'm surprised business has been slow for you Debbi, with all those gorgeous beach totes you have on your site! I figured people would be snapping them up right away for their summertime outings. You have such unique and beautiful items that you can't find anywhere else. I guess I'll just have to wait for the cooler weather for blogging to pick back up. :)

  5. I don't even hear the crickets!! I wasn't sure how summertime is in blogland..being my first summer here. It's an odd summer all way around. Everyone here in Ohio seems to be holding onto the $$ not knowing how fall is going to go. It seems staycations are the word for summer. I sure hope it brightens soon.

  6. Wow Cindy! Your blog is gorgous! I don't get around to other blogs very often because of time constraints, but visiting yours has really made taking the time worth while!!!! And your Etsy shop is beautiful sure have an eye for beauty!!xoxo Carol

  7. Thanks Carol, for the lovely feedback. I really enjoyed your blog post today! :)

  8. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog Cindy. Usually at this time of year I go through a creative slump as I find so many things to do outside. This year, I appear to be on a creative roll so am updating my blog Monday through Friday. Not sure how long this will last so am taking advantage of it.

  9. Thank you all for such lovely comments :)

  10. I'm Here! I'm Here!!

    Think we all feel that way sometimes Cindy- a little alone, uncreative, just out of sorts..
    I try to remind people to just go with the flow when not feeling very creative. ( not htat i have learned to do that yet) =0)
    There are seasons for that.
    Can you imagine how we would wear our brains and bodies out if we were creative all the time?
    Even God took a rest day once a week, and He is the creator of all!!
    So, take a deep breath friend, know we are out here, (some feeling as alone as you sometimes), but keep reaching out!!!

    Blessings, and a smile and hug for you.

    Barbara Jean

    PS I have your new purse ready to send whenever you are ready. =0))


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