Friday, August 21, 2009

A Comforting and Heartfelt Gift.

As many of you may know Pam over at Planet Gift Baskets has become a great friend not only to me but also to the followers of The Vintage Vignette. She has graciously donated prizes to some of our challenges in the past and has also offered our readers a never expiring 10% discount on all their products. (To take advantage of this discount see the Planet Gift Baskets badge in the sidebar).

I was very touched when after reading about the loss of my dear sweet kitty Shayla, I received the most beautiful and touching "Pet Loss" gift basket from her. It was unbelievably comforting to know that someone took the time to design a gift for those grieving the loss of a pet. I was so touched. I had never seen anything like a pet loss basket at any of the other sites I have visited when searching for a condolence gift basket.

This beautiful ensemble came with soothing tea, angle figurine, and a wonderful little teapot to enjoy the comforting drink in. I think what touched me the most was that this gift came with a wonderful companion greeting card celebrating the life of my pet as well as a sweet little keepsake locket to wear around my neck or on a key chain. And if that wasn't enough, the locket opened up and had the tiniest little scroll inside that said "Shayla will be truly missed". I couldn't believe how thoughtfully sincere this gift was.

When I talked with Pam later in the day to thank her for such a personalized condolence gift, she expressed to me that there is a wonderful selection of condolence gifts at Planet Gift Baskets that celebrate not only the lives of our loved ones but also of our beloved pets. There are also many books, plaques and keepsake boxes that she offers for individual purchase. I cannot express how incredibly comforted I was to receive this gift and to Pam I say, thank you. I am truly touched.


  1. What a wonderful and thought gift....I love the little tea-pot (I an tea-aholic myself) and would be lost without my english brown betty teapot. As each day passes the pain lessens and the wonderful memories we have provide more and more comfort.

  2. Thank you so much Bree for the kind words and thoughts...they really do help. :)

  3. Hi Doll, if you come to one of my classes, I will personally buy you a tea or coffee after class. That is a ways to drive..

  4. Just touching base to see how you are doing.
    thinking of your often,

    Barbara jean

  5. Hi Barb, I'm doing much better now. This was a real rough month for me but thankfully things are looking up again. How have you been? :)


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