Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scrapbook Or Art Journal?

Scrapbook or Art Journal? Which one to choose for your precious photos? That would most likely depend on what it is that you are trying to accomplish by documenting your life and experiences. Traditionally, the family scrapbook has held precious family memories of important dates and events that people would like to remember in the years to come. These can be of importance when it comes down to sharing familial information with future generations of your family. For the most part, scrapbooks are a one shot stop. You design a layout that pleases you, add photos, a little journaling and you are done. Scrapbooks can be made for a special events or to chronicle a lifetime of experiences. If you find that you are looking to document your family's life history or just wanting to leave a piece of who you are as a person for future enjoyment without getting overly personal, then choosing a scrapbook would probably be the best fit.

Art journals on the other hand tend to be a little more involved. An art journal is usually an expression of creative thoughts, ideas and musings about any number of subjects. Art journals tend to consist of many, many layers of thoughts and ideas, illustrated in a variety of ways. In the typical art journal you will find a variety of mediums at play such as paints, markers, glitters and glues, tapes and the list goes on and on.

Although art journaling can include photos, they tend to be a little more private in nature. Those who choose to art journal are usually looking to document life's triumphs, struggles, and emotions that affect them from a more personal and intimate standpoint. Journaling plays a much larger role in art journaling than a typical scrapbook might contain. The downside to this might be that you may find that you are a bit apprehensive about sharing the contents of your art journal with future generations and others. Your documented thoughts and feelings are bound to be more personal, sensitive and sometimes hurtful to those that might inadvertently read it. When keeping an art journal of this nature you would want to treat it as a diary whose privacy should be respected. I always let others know that if they knowingly make the decision to read my art journal without permission then they should consider the possibility of getting their feelings hurt at their own risk!

With these points in mind you will want to consider what you are trying to accomplish by keeping a scrapbook or an art journal. If you are looking to document your life and experiences for the enjoyment of your future generations and others then choosing to keep a scrapbook is probably best. On the other hand, if you are looking to document your inner most thoughts and feelings, goals and upsets, in a more private fashion with the addition of photos then choosing and art journal is definitely the way to go. Either way, creative documentation is a wonderful way to make your mark in celebration of the extraordinary lives that we all lead and cherish.


  1. I always think of an art journal as being a reflection of my mind, jumbled up thoughts, random images, occasional sparks of intelligence, thoughtful or insightful quotes and a general mish mash of confusion.

  2. thanks for that very informative post...

  3. Bree I just loved how you said "Occasional sparks of intelligence" !!! That just cracked me up a and made my morning. :)


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