Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Visit To Erwin D. Mented DDS.

Aaaaaah! Visiting the dentist is always such a thrilling experience isn't it? I had the unfortunate displeasure of visiting the dentist this afternoon to have some prep work done for a crown that I need to have done. Now don't get me wrong. I do know how important keeping up on your dental work is and that is why I force myself to go but why is it always just so much of a hassle?

Today the dental office was swarming with overactive and bored children in the waiting room. I could almost feel the buzz of hyperactivity when I opened the door. I felt badly for them as they waited there for who knows how long to have who knows what done. When I got to the back there were even more kids running around! This time they were the very small children of the dental assistant who was working on my teeth. At one point her precocious little 5 year old stuck her head out from a booth and proceeded to inform me that "my daddy doesn't lie but my mommy does!" I almost swallowed the drill bit from laughing so hard!

At one point during the work my dentist was actually trying to watch the t.v. on the wall in front of us and I was just about to have a hissy fit when she realized that I saw what was going on. Then as she was rinsing my tooth with that little squirty thing someone called to her and she turned just enough to squirt my entire face with a running stream of water! By that point I was ready to slap everyone!

The only consolation that I received was the fact that the head dentist was such a "hottie"! Only then was I willing to put up with just a little bit more of the shenanigans going on around me if it meant that I could "Ogle" him from across the room. What! wasn't was the laughing gas ;)


  1. sounds like a trip worth going...! hehe...

  2. See what the Devil means for harm God turns to good. Hahahahaha...when's the next visit?

  3. Cindy I just love that picture! its perfect for that story, Cindy I just have to let you know how much I enjoy reading your post, I could sit here and read all day, you would be a great novelest(sp) you capture the attention and keep it!
    Hugs Norma

  4. Thanks for the kind words ladies. I love sharing the zany goings on in my life with others. :)

  5. Hi, thanks for your coment on my blog and for your following!
    Have a nice day!

  6. Thanks for the laughs! Truth be told, I never think there is anything funny about going to the dentist, but your post sure had me chuckling!
    And that photo- seriously, you are hilarious!


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