Friday, August 14, 2009

Just A Quick Post.

This is just a quick post to share with you a photo of my maternal grandparents that I just found in a stack of pictures that my mother gave to me. My grandmother (my mom's mother) is the beautiful gal first on the left...Just look at that smile! She is holding my grandfather's hand in the photo. My grandfather was a hilarious man that always kept me in stitches. We wrote letters back and forth to each other until the very week that he passed away just last December at the age of 85. He lived in another state but we kept in touch as cherished pen pals. My grandmother passed away when I was a pre-teen but I still remember everything about her and what a wonderful woman she truly was. The elderly woman seated at the end of the table is my great grandmother or "Granny" as we used to call her. The other three pretty gals are my great aunts Rosie, Helen, and Bessie, my grandmothers sisters.

I consider this such a wonderful photo not just because it represents so much of my family's history but also because it highlights a slice of what everyday life was like back in the 1940's. Look in the background and you will see working waitresses and families dining together (even if just the tops of their heads). This photo is such a beautiful and simple reminder of how fast life passes us by and that we should take the time to gather with our loved ones regularly and enjoy them to the full before we arrive at a time in life where we are no longer able to do so.

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