Monday, August 10, 2009

So Sorry But I Can't Help It!

So OK! I know, I know! Enough with the garden and the hummingbirds already! But the truth be told, I just can't help myself. I have been enjoying the garden and the hummingbirds every day. The First thing I do in the morning now is stumble down the stairs and make a pot of coffee and then head out to the garden to watch the hummingbirds.

The coolness of the early morning and the stillness of the air all combine to soothe my soul. As soon as I sit in my rocking chair the birds begin to gather in anticipation of nectar for the hummers and peanut butter and raisins for the various goldfinches, orioles and sparrows that are eagerly waiting in the wings *pardon the pun*.

My roses are also in full bloom and I can't get them cut fast enough. I give thanks each morning for David Austin of David Austin English roses for creating such beautiful hybrids that cannot be rivaled by any other breeder.

My garden isn't like those you might find in a magazine nor does it have any particular design but is pleases me greatly simply because it is mine and the creation of my hard work and hands. Please enjoy yet another garden tour.


  1. Oh....look at those hummindbirds - they are just the sweetest. And look at your roses - they are magnificent......back home in Australia I use to cultivate roses and my sisters garden has 70 different roses - ALL of them perfumed

  2. O too am fascinated by the hummingbird.
    I found a wonderful video of them building a nest, and then from eggs to flight of the babies.
    I'll send it to you if you'd like.
    I am also making hummingbird nests!
    Not that i can come close to their beauty and wonder, but fun to work on them.
    Barbara Jean

  3. Your gardens are beautiful! I love to sit outside in the morning, and listen to the birds. I also love to watch the hummingbirds.

  4. wow, what a gorgeous blog you have! And your garden is very, very lovely too!! xoxo Carol

  5. I don't blame you, I can't stop talking about my garden either.

  6. Cindy, love your garden - funny, I have some of those 'maters also. And hummingbirds but I can't get good photos of them like you do - AWESOME!!

  7. watching the hummingbirds-- Oh how fun ~!! Lovely roses..
    thanks so much on my heads (:)
    hugs, Patty


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