Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Beeswax Tutorial By Suze Weinberg.

For some time now I have been wanting to make a beeswax tutorial of my own but have just not had the time. I then came across this one by Suze Weinberg and thought it did a great job of showing some of the really neat projects you can do with beeswax. I have used several of the techniques myself and think that even a beginner could handle these ideas with ease. I talk a little bit more about my own personal preferences when it comes to beeswax so be sure to scroll down and read on. Also be sure to visit Suze's website and blog at www.schmoozewithsuze.com *Before you watch the video you will want to scroll down to the Vintage Vignette Radio button and press pause or you will continue to hear the likes of Frank Sinatra or Tony Benett crooning while you are trying to watch the video! :)


  1. great tutorial.......really enjoyed it.

  2. But I love Frank and Tony!! Great tutorial - thanks for sharing!

  3. Frankie Baby loves you too Tornado Terry! :)


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