Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty Things

Isn't it nice as women to appreciate pretty things? From the time we are little girls we love anything that glitters and sparkles, shimmers and shines, in essence; pretty things. Most of us remember our favorite pair of dress up shoes or our first pair of earings. I remember as a small child playing dress up with my Grandmother. She would let me paint her face with makeup and adorn her hair with ribbons and bows, brooches and necklaces and whatever else that twinkled and shone. She would sit patiently waiting for the finished product to be revealed. Many years have passed and I am a grown woman now and as I sit and reflect on this treasured memory I realize that my Grandmother wasn't just enduring my beauty treatments after all. It occurs to me that she actually ENJOYED these times with me because she loved me and also because even as an older woman she too still enjoyed Pretty Things. Even now as I create my jewelry and art or choose pieces to use in my home's decor I too am drawn to these same pretty things.

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