Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ozel Jewelers.

This piece was so much fun to create. I started out wanting to make a more "serious" piece but by the time I finished adding to it and I stepped back to take a look it had become something fun and funny to gaze at. Ozel's is a local jewelry store in the area and it just happened to be on the page I tore out of the phone book to add texture. Next It looked to me like the expression on the gals face was relishing her recent purchases at Ozels and she just couldn't wait to go back for more. My attempt at darkening her lips failed and turned her into more of a clown caricature. To my surprise I loved the result and decided to just roll with the theme. I added confetti and sprinkles to add to the overall festive feel. Overall the finished piece is still representative of the kind of art I love to create and that feeds my soul.

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  1. Very neat, I love all the layers.


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