Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My First Choice for Pelleted Beeswax.

I have received many inquiries as to where and what kind of beeswax I use in my projects. I prefer the "Pelleted" beeswax from Ranger Industries. I prefer this over the hunk type beeswax that you can find in the candle making section of most craft stores because of its ease of use and cleanup. With block style beeswax you have to literally hammer or break off a piece and hope that it fits into your heating element! If not you'll have to beat it some more until the size is just right. Sounds ridiculous huh! With the pelleted kind all you have to do is pour as little or as much as you need for the specific project you are working on. Another reason I prefer pelleted to block beeswax is cost. Block style can run you up to $20.00 a piece whereas the pelleted costs' as little as 4.99 a jar. It also comes in natural and bleached white to allow you to adjust the color of your finished piece. Although you can probably find Ranger pelleted beeswax in craft and hobby stores, I have found that Joann.com has great sales on it from time to time. Recently the pelleted beeswax was listed for $2.99 a jar as opposed to 4.99 at regular price! I jumped at the opportunity and purchased 8 jars at once to keep on hand. I also noticed that the online sale price was listed far lower than the in store price so if you can I would wait until it goes on sale and then stock up. I have provided a direct link over to Joann.com for those of you who wish to check and see if it is on sale in your area. Just click on the link or you can call the store's 800 number listed on the site for more info.

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