Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What A Mess....

I was recently inspired by the publication "Where Women Create" from Stampington and Company. This wonderful publication featured the studios and art spaces of some of the most creative women in the field of Mixed Media Art. It was so beautifully done and artfully illustrated that I couldn't wait to get some pictures of my home studio up on my blog. Mind you I am aware of what a disaster area it looks like now but it was not always this way. I can only imagine the horrified look on the editors face as she viewed a photo of my art space if I had really had the nerve to submit an entry for the "Where women create" piece! Eventually I do plan to get in there and do some serious organizing and de-stashing. But alas tomorrow in another day. If you would like to know where you can find this great publication visit for information on where you can obtain a copy.

*Getting organized is my top priority this month.

*Jars and Jars of foam stamps.

*Boxes of slides, embellishments and old photos.

*Shelves of stamps, paints, glitters and embossing powders.
My husband has threatened to "Put price tags on everything and have a sale!" What a brat huh!

*I have a definite weakness for ribbons and lace.

*This is my actual work table. It is quite small compared with the rest of the room. You can see there is barely any room to work!

*I have shelves and shelves of card stock, paper, and paints and perfect pearls.


  1. what I wouldn't give to have such a 'mess' it looks like a real treasure trove to me !

  2. I have accumulated a little bit too much over the years and it is really needing attention.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I'll add your blog right away, members will love to visit you! Thanks for stopping by!
    Hugs from San Clemente, sunny CAL

  4. Thanks Nice and Easy Antiques! The more, the merrier:)

  5. My husband has also informed me that he's going to sell my room to the highest bidder!! Yeah, over my dead body! They (husbands) just don't get it.


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