Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Just Love Margot Potter!

If you have never heard of Margot Potter also known as "The Impatient Crafter" you are in for a real treat when you watch her hilarious video below. Margot creates many unique mixed media art and jewelry pieces that showcase her signature style. She has an eclectic flair for the unusual and a very entertaining personality to match. I love how each of her videos introduces and features a new product that her viewers might find interesting. I plan to showcase a new Margot Potter video each week so check back often. So without further ado...enjoy the video.

*Don't forget to pause The Vintage Vignette Radio below before watching the video.

OOPS! And almost forgot.....Happy Pink Saturday!


  1. Hey wow! I just found this link! Thanks so much for the Linky Love! I'll blog you back today!


  2. No problem Madge! I just love your hilarious videos and tutorials and wanted to share them with my followers too. Personally I consider it an honor to have you follow my blog:)

  3. Your work is fabulous. I collect all sorts of ephemera and oddities and I love how you use them in your designs! Fabulous!



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