Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vintage Jewelry Haul!

Boy oh Boy did I hit the jackpot this weekend! Saturday afternoon found me cruising the Internet for new Etsy shops and vintage jewelry suppliers when I came across a store called A Rolling Stone Beads and Gifts. This quaint little shop was an actual brick and mortar store that just had an information only website which is almost always the case for me and almost never anything close by. After looking at a few of their designs my jaw just about hit the floor when I saw the address! This little shop was in the same county as me and just a quick 15 minute drive away! I couldn't believe it. How had I lived here all this time and never come across this shop before. I was so excited that I grabbed my keys and was out the door in a flash and on my way. When I got to the shop, the owner, the coolest (self-professed of course) ex-hippie I have ever met greeted me at the door. I talked with her for awhile about how I found her shop and she told me they have been in this location for years. She gave me a quick tour and then set me loose with my basket in hand. As I cruised the aisles I could not believe the quality of the pieces on display. There were brooches, barrettes, necklace, earrings and pretty much everything vintage you could think of.

A Rolling Stone specializes in hard to find gems, stones, beads and vintage jewelry. I was very impressed with the quality and condition of the vintage jewelry pieces. She explained to me that she buys boxes full of vintage pieces from estate sales and auctions in "lots" and she only sells what she can clean, polish and repair well enough to sell. The pieces were just gorgeous and I set about the store filling my basket with treasures. What impressed me most were the prices of the vintage jewelry. This woman was a woman who truly loves what she does and sees no need to overcharge her customers. As we talked she expressed how irritated she was that other stores were pricing their vintage pieces as if they were brand new and that she felt this was unfair. I bought many pieces to wear, give as gifts and use in my artwork.

This gorgeous set was unbelievably priced. The necklace was a meager five dollars and the earrings 2 dollars. The boxed necklace cost 8 dollars. The prices for similar items in antique stores would be double if not triple the price than this lovely woman was charging.

Her shop carried lots of vintage brooches, pins, and hair accessories. She also sold vintage and new beads. I fell in love with the cloisonne bead on the left. She had large, small and all sizes in between. In talking with her I found out that there is an extensive class schedule and party hosting.

I found tons of broken pieces that could be dismantled to create with. the bezel's alone were worth the effort on many of these pieces. They also carried many unique gift items like antique teapots, goblets, and dishes that had been drilled to hold wind chimes dangling from them. There were hand decorated purses and other decorative accessories as well.

If you are going to be in the Redlands California area (just 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles) anytime soon you will want to make a trip out to A Rolling Stone beads and gifts. They are located at 320 E. Citrus Ave in the historic downtown Redlands district. You can also reach them at (909) 798-2282 for hours and information.


  1. AWe! I love vintage things and my mother-in-law has tons of jewelries from the old days. Since she no longer use them, I kept her jewelries. Infact my mother-in-law has the same pair of earrings from one of your collection. Lucky you!

  2. Thanks ladies for the comments! I gotta tell you I was so excited to find that this cool store was so close by. Usually when I find something I like it is nowhere near where I live so this was a really big treat for me. Also when I got their the owner was so warm and welcoming and this made it an all around great experience.


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