Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Cooky Tuesday Ladies!

Here is your question:
What was the craziest purchase
you ever tried to hide from
your husband?
Let's hear those comments Ladies!


  1. The crazeist thing I ever hid was a 9 foot tall garden arbor! I had to lay in wait for the UPS man to bring it. When it finally did arrive, (in a huge box I might add) I had to lift the thing and stash it in the trunk of my car until I was ready to come clean about it. My hubby doesn't really care about what I buy but this time he asked me not to get the arbor because it would be too difficult to mow the yard around it. Well you know how we can be!

  2. So I guess I must be the only one who has ever done something as crazy as that since no one else posted to this question! Tee, Hee :)


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