Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Cooky Tuesday Ladies!

Ok ladies now here is your question:
If You Had To Be
A Box Of Cereal
What Kind Would You Be
And Why?
Let's hear those comments!


  1. That's an easy one for me! If I were a box of cereal I would definately have to be "Fruit and Fiber" because sometimes I am sweet and other times I am denser than peanut butter:)

  2. I would be a cross between Grape Nuts ( I'm a nut), Frosted Flakes (because I'm sweet) and Oatmeal (you can solidly depend on me)!

  3. Cute blog! Thanks for adding me as a friend on the NING group! You should join Scrapbooking/Crafting Friends

  4. Tedi why didn't I think of Grape Nuts (rolls on the ground laughing)! That is hysterical! I was thinking coco puffs for me as well but I changed it to Fruit and Fiber. Anyway, great answer!

  5. Thanks Jennifer, I thought your blog was cool too and plan to stop by often. Gonna definately check out the other ning you suggested too. But hey! We can't let you get away until you tell us what kind of cereal you'd be?

  6. No doubt... FRUIT LOOPS.. not only because I am left of center.. but I love the colors!

  7. Fruit Loops too! How come when I was trying to think of something to express my craziness none of these great names came to me? Could it be that I really am fruit loops! :)


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