Saturday, May 23, 2009

Petal Porcelain.

Today I discovered a great new crafting product called Petal Porcelain. I'm sure that many of you may have already heard of this product before but I had never heard of or seen it before. I found it in the glue and adhesive section of my Michael's arts and crafts store. It might also be found in the decoupage area of other stores. For those of you that have never before seen this product either, Petal Porcelain is an adhesive "setting agent". This means that it stiffens whatever it is applied to giving it a look very similar to porcelain.

After purchasing my bottle and bringing it home I wondered what in the world I could do with it. I searched the Internet and was unable to find any projects listed for this product, not even on the company website! I then asked myself what it was that I would like to see given a porcelain finish and I instantly thought of silk flowers. I dug through my stash and plucked a few hydrangea sprigs for dipping.

So basically the process is that you pour a small bowl full of this stuff and just start dipping! It has a consistency of something like pancake batter. A little on the thick side, I decided to take a paintbrush and make sure to coat in between each petal with the slimy and sticky stuff. After letting it dry overnight I checked the flowers out and sure enough they were stiff as a board! The petal porcelain however, did not give the flowers a porcelain color much to my surprise. I whipped out some white acrylic paint and coated the entire piece. Next, I added some light pink paint and a coating of stickles glue before adding pearls to the flower centers. Once I finished the project and stepped back to examine it, I was amazed at how "porcelain" it really did look!

All in all, I would recommend this product for stepping up your floral crafts a notch or two. Wouldn't it be great in wedding bouquets or fancy tablescapes? I'm sure with a little thought you could come up with lots of ideas for this very unique product.

A little acrylic paint, stickles glue and
pearls really dressed up the flower.
Hydrangea flower sprig before being coated with the
Petal Porcelain.
Although the finished piece was extremely stiff
it did maintain some flexability allowing me to mold
and shape the flowers to the desired form.
What would you do with Petal Porcelain?


  1. wow those look like real flowers. Are those real pearls. They look real..

  2. Hi Drew Phil:) The flowers are silk flowers coated with the petal porcelain stuff and the pearls are just regular old craft store finds.

    Love, Auntie.

  3. I actually have two books full of ideas for using Petal Porcelain....I did several projects using this stuff back in the late 70's. You drip, strip, shape, dry, spray, then paint with art craft paint, spray with an acrylic clear coat and voila!

  4. Hi!

    I was wondering if you have access anymore to the discontinued Petal Porcelain? I really need to find some! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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