Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Much Needed Break.

Today I took a much needed break and pulled out some supplies to just "Play". I have been wanting to enter the altered jewelry design challenge over at Vintage Flair and just have not had the time or energy to get something together. Today I finally got around to making something to enter into this contest. The contest rules stated that the jewelry piece must be vintage inspired and must also be made out of re purposed materials....right up my alley eh? So I chose to make one of my vintage inspired, up cycled bangle bracelets and this time I added a pair of earrings to the mix.

The bracelet base was the chipboard core from a roll of packing tape.
The earrings were made from a couple of old plumbing washers.

After adhering the paper to the bases, I added several layers of Royal Coat decoupage medium to each of the pieces. I then painted the perimeters with a creamy beige paint and another coat of royal coat before finally adding a 2 part crackle glaze medium. For the finishing touch all pieces were given a generous dusting of Perfect Pearls in gold.


  1. These are beautiful! I think my girls would enjoy making these.

  2. Clever reuses for those items! They look pretty!

    All the best,

  3. I really love those earings. Do you have to paint the front and back of the washer to get them looking so good? Also, are they heavy for earings?

  4. Paula, they are very simple to make and you can use almsost any paper you have laying around. If you need more detailed steps to make them just email me and I'll send you a tutorial.

    Thanks Allison, I hope I win the contest as the prize is full of crafting goodness!

    Pam, I just applied 2 coats of acrylic paint to the front and back and then sealed it with the royal coat. Royal coat rocks! The earrings are very lightweight because I only buy the very thin plumbing washers. They do come in all sizes and weights though.

  5. Cindy, you are such a great artist! I would love to do an art project like this. It will be so fun to do with my friends!

  6. Thank You Blossoming Baker...Let me know if you would like some directions on how to make the bracelets and earrings...I'll type them up and send them to you in an email:)


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